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Anka - Free mystery game

Genres: Puzzle, Strategy, Adventure, Brain, Mahjong, Word, Mind, Hero, Travel

Anka is a clever boy. He lives in the forest with his parents and helps them about the household. But this boy is such an absent-minded one! In this free mystery game he often forgets what his mother says and she helps him remember what to do. Unfortunately, one day she disappears and so does the father. What will Anka do in such a terrible situation? How is he going to survive alone in this deep wild forest? It's not that easy to live in the woods. This free mystery game is full of tricks and hidden traps. But Anka is a brave boy, he has a goal and he's got to manage with everything easily - with your help. Every time you enter a level and you'll find something new there, something exciting and surprising. The game is not only entertaining but educating as well. It makes you show patience, optimistic attitude and persistence. It deals with secrets and secret-solving experience. There are more than 20 levels before you get the goal and each of the level hides something inside. Anka will communicate with you making gameplay even more entertaining and vivid. It's like you are in an extreme situation with your friend and there is much to do for you both. Even though it's an easy and interesting game it won't leave you indifferent. Just follow the instructions and see what is waiting for you ahead. Every step of your adventures with Anka promises lots of surprises. Help the boy to complete the tasks as soon as it's possible. Check your attention and speed level playing and solving Anka's riddles, looking for hidden objects and making decisions. Download this mystery game for free right now!

System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, Processor 800 Mhz or better, 512 Mb RAM, DirectX 7.0