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Grand Master Chess 3
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Rack your brains with a traditional game of chess!

What can be better than a triumph after a long way? No other game can be compared to the exquisiteness of chess. Grand Master Chess 3 was created to improve your playing skills and remind you about the rules if forgotten. Full of options it provides you with the taste of reality and time to think over the most strategically approved moves. The main priority is given to the huge number of options so you are able to choose the mode and the style as well as the level you are going to play. As soon as you decide what kind of player you are and what dimension - 2D or 3D - is better for you, welcome to the Grand Master Chess 3 game! You've got to try it! Choose the chess color and the kind of player you would like to compete with. Then adjust the game process to your personal parameters and needs to make it more comfortable and plain. Then start playing and the hints will remind you all possible ways this or that figurine is able to move. Grand Master Chess 3 is an extremely realistic and brain-activating game as it makes you think all the time. Not only your next step but also the whole field is waiting ahead so be careful not to make a fatal mistake otherwise your failure isn't far. If you are not sure that your gaming style and skills are high try a modest level. In this case you can gain the hand in the intellectual game. After a while you'll be more aware of the possible moves and consequences. That'll help you to beat the rival or yourself. Find the best skills inside you and defeat the opponent!